Produced while undertaking the Young Photographers Alliance mentoring programme, with the brief boundaries.


When you think of boundaries you immediately think of physical ones, but many invisible boundaries also exist that can be even more debilitating and harder to overcome. Anxiety is one such invisible boundary that can affect anyone and that can leave sufferers feeling very isolated. Our mind is embedded with records of pain and stress that can develop into anxiety.


‘Every week 1 in 6 adults experience some form of anxiety and 1 in 10 are likely to have some form of disabling anxiety disorder at some stage in their lives’ Anxiety UK.  When living with anxiety we put on masks to cope and to try and hide the boundaries that it causes us. We try and show to the outside world that we are OK but inside we are suffering in silence and still have the boundaries to overcome.


These images capture the private moment when the mask comes off; the quiet and stillness in the chaos, finding inner peace for a second to stop the suffering.  The mirror shows a reflection, but is it the true you, or just a refection of your issues?


Everyone has very personal invisible boundaries that are part of who you are, which you have to face up to and that can dramatically affect your life.